Aluminum Tins, Pots and Containers

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Aluminum tins are offered as one of the great packaging solutions for every kind and every size of products of by California based Arminak & Associates, Inc. We understand our customers’ requirement better than our competitors and thus we design our products. We let our products speak the Quality and Trend is the reputation that our products have earned from customers. Arminak & Associates, Inc always speaks its customers’ language, i.e. we always take our customers’ interest and fashion into consideration while manufacturing and designing packaging products. Aluminum tins and other associated packaging products are the outcome of this effort.

Packaging is an Art. Arminak & Associates packaging products are the blend of Creativity and Technology. We try our best to create a brand image for your products that you want to be packaged. Because we know final product and its Brand Image is associated with the product owner himself/herself. We come up with great and innovative packaging solutions and products like aluminum cans, aluminum tins and other aluminum made packaging products are the result of this noble effort. Aluminum tins and other aluminum packaging products are always high in demand, because they are lighter and last longer than any other packaging products. Another issue, associated with packaging materials, is the environmental issue. Now-a-days, environmentalists are advocating in favor of using recyclable materials for packaging purpose. Aluminum can be a very good choice for packaging products, because it is environment friendly and easily recycled. The usages of aluminum made packaging products are recognized as:
  1. Aluminum foil used for packaging (household foil, laminated foil, formed containers),
  2. Rigid containers, made from sheet, foil laminates, or drawn heavy-gage foil, or impact-extruded from slugs,
  3. Closures for bottles and jars, made from sheet or foil, and
  4. Collapsible tubes, fabricated from slugs by impact extrusion.

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