What an Adrenaline RUSH…

Roller coaster rides are always fun and full of excitement! From sudden drops to major loops and spin, we all get a good rush of adrenaline. Whether you love or hate the ride you’re on, there’s no turning back once the engine starts. Once you’re in, you are in. Amusement parks would not prefer to terminate a ride in session just because one person wasn’t mentally prepared and isn’t having a pleasant experience. Most passengers’ favorite part of these roller coaster rides would be that they can never foresee when the next major drop, twist or turn was. Each ride is a whole new experience and the goal is safe landing so that everyone has a pleasant trip. Working at AA feels like a roller coaster ride every day. Anytime we acquire a new project, the team is always full of excitement with the anticipation of completing the project and closing the deal ASAP. Just when everyone thinks that they are on top of their game, things tend to always take on a downward flow. Leaping through obstacles and taking on brutal surprises has become a part of every project’s routine. When we run into issues like customer’s sudden change of mind in color, last minute custom hold, flight delay and or even lost cargo while having to meet acknowledge dates, we do feel discouraged and sometime wanting to bail and simply not deal with it. However, one of AA’s mottos is that “once we’re in a project, we are in”! There’s no flaking out! At AA we always make the best of the worst possible and miracles do happen. Happy Friday and enjoy your summer ~

Susan Tang – OP Dept.

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Customer Service – the motivation!

My friend asked me “what drives you to work hard, day after day that something that motivates you to give it you’re all”, and I tell him customer service. I am a person who believes if the customer likes working with you, they will come back to you. The way you build this likability is to offer competitive rates at reasonable prices, work quickly and accurately, and a vast knowledge of our products. Every day I work towards building this likeability, and this is what motivates me every day. I believe at the end of the day, we are all here because of our customers.

Aaron Wong – OP Dept.

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A Successful Business

In most organizations, it is important to 1) avoid risk, 2) avoid hassle, 3) gain praise, 4) gain power, 5) have fun, and 6) make a profit. Nothing can happen unless at least one of these needs are met, and in just about every organization big enough and profitable enough to buy from you, the order of needs starts with the first one and works its way down the list.
Although customers are a crucial part to successful business, I believe the people are the most important part to it. Rarely does a business function totally without any people involvement. A business must have people involved such as the business management and team, employees, suppliers and customers etc. Each individual is not an expert in everything, but when all expertise comes together into a team, we have an integrated team of experts.

Jenny Lee – OP Dept

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In liking challenges as it comes

Today my friend asked me “do you like your job?” I told him “of course not!” That answer just came out so naturally…….. Then he asked me “so why are you still doing it?”
I told him “One thing for sure it’s not because of the pay…. I am still doing it because I can find myself successful on this job. Every day we are facing new challenges, new deadlines and new quality problems; we will have to solve them in timely manner to maintain customer’s satisfaction. To deal these issues with China factories is just like fighting a battle, sometimes people are hiding from you, sometimes we get insulted, and sometimes we even have to fight with our own people. Everyone has their point to protect themselves, and to win the battle, strong negotiation skills is not enough, we also need endless patience and must have the spirit of never giving up. For all the issues that I have solved, they make me feel successful and keep me motivated. This will be the reason why I am still doing this job. So if my friend asks me again if I like my job, my answer will be “I have begun to like it…”

Jay Huang – OP Dept.

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Proper Attitude towards Good Service

A friend of mine in this business said, “A distributor lives
and dies by the level of service they offer”.  I take this to heart.
It is absolutely true.  In a previous blog I commented that people buy
from you because they like you and went on to describe relationships with
customers and building that trust.  This all amounts to quality of
service.  In this business, if the person or company you are buying from
makes it too much work or hassle for it to be worth it, then why bother?
A distributor’s job is to make things easy, get you what you need, by the time
you need it, and without hassle, then it’s a win win situation.  Although
I am far from perfect, my goal is to always respond to customers with detailed
answers, meet the lead time they need on orders, respond to inquiries and
emails on the same day, send out samples on the same day, and follow up and
follow through and all inquiries.  Good service is the key to bringing in

Ben Cheng – OP Dept.

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The Essence of Teamwork

Teamwork is defined as the following: cooperate or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause. As the operations department who operates as the bridge in our company, our goal is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of our success. We have definitely been put to the test to see what our teamwork was really about for the last couple of months or so. Our manager was put on bed rest during her pregnancy around the end of last year. Now, this may not seem so much of a shock to anyone else reading this but she doesn’t just function as our operations manager, she involved in so much more than that. I want to say she’s almost like a general manager for our company. Therefore, it was definitely a shock and a test to how we would pull together as a team in her absence and pull together we did. Luckily, she’s a very well prepared person and trained as to what we would do if she were ever absent for a lengthier amount of time. When the time came to everyone quickly picked up their posts and we were all very cooperative with each other. There were no bickering amongst us and everyone upped their game. It was a lot of responsibility but we truly felt a sense of camaraderie and I really felt proud of our team. Also, there is no such thing as completely abandoning our work here. Although our manager wasn’t with us physically in the company, she helped to monitor us still from her home (ah! The conveniences of technology). I am happy to say that she’s had the baby since then, and a cute baby it is! : )
Shortly after this, we were hit with another blow. Two of our co-worker unfortunately had to leave our team. In addition to the fact that we already work overtime almost every day, we are now short two people and have to take up the workload. It’s quite overwhelming and can be stressful, but everyone is doing their best to help each other. Our goal now is to make sure that our customers don’t feel ANY impact. As a result, we’ve pulled in extra hours to ensure that this happens. I hope people can recognize and know that this is the type of people that are working in this company.

Tiffanie Liu – OP Dept.

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March Madness 2012

March is all about March madness. Well, I am having a little March madness myself here at Arminak by getting the employee of the month award. I do believe hard work will pay off eventually. Difficult things or impossible things, you will just need to work harder and a little more patience? At Arminak, everything is about hard work and smart work. Customer are giving us difficult and impossible to complete project and launch date, we just need to work hard and find a way to help, solve the issue, and provide the best solution. By the end, you meet the customer requirements, meet the customer launch date, and see the product on the shelve, you will then feel like you are winning the national championship game. Now, I wish the next March madness will be so kindness to me again, do March right!

Kelvin Giang – OP Dept.

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Start Up Companies

Start-up companies require a tremendous amount of hand holding and education. They rely on us as account managers to help them realize and accomplish their dreams.  They
rely on us as experts, to help lead and guide them in their path to success.  There was never a book in the beauty business that can immediately pin point you to the correct contacts that will help the entrepreneur reach their goal in the most cost-effective and expeditious period of time.  We as individuals, as representatives of A&A have graduated from experience, Schools of Hard Knocks–good and bad, and with this, we are able to guide our customers in the right direction.  This is one of the most labor-intensive yet most fulfilling aspects about my job.  There will always be an entrepreneur who recognizes a well-known brand and believes they can do the job, more efficiently, more efficaciously, more innovatively.  This is where the hottest, newest most up-and-coming products can be born in the marketplace, and we are there at its inception all the way to its birth!  To see a launch of a product that you’ve had your fingers on and viable input is one of the most fulfilling parts you can ever want in this business.  So if you have an idea, a concept and you are ready to do, we will be there from start to finish, helping you in any way we can every step of the way.  When it comes to “10” and I say push, “Do it!”

Leigh Ann, Sales Representative

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Create Brand Awareness with the Right Cosmetic Packaging

The cosmetics industry has now become a multi-billion dollar industry. If you enter any shop, you will be amazed at the varied range of cosmetics available in trendy packages adorning the shelves in the cosmetics section. From skin care to hair care, creams, perfumes, lotions, lipsticks to bath oils, there is a whole range to meet your beauty requirements. Making the best product is not enough, how attractively you package it is also important. Cosmetic packaging speaks volumes about the product inside.

Cosmetic manufacturers are waking upto the fact that attractive and effective packaging is a valuable strategy for marketing the product as it creates a familiarity between the consumer and the brand. There are so many cosmetic brands and products available to today that manufacturers need to come up with different marketing strategies to stay on top to enhance their market value and ROI.  This also helps the manufacturers in creating an identity of their own in the flourishing cosmetics industry.

Brand Recall – The uniqueness of the product can be reflected in its packaging. It helps companies not only in building a distinctive identity of their own but also helps customers differentiate them from their competitors. These packaging’s are not designed for protection of the product alone but also for aesthetic beauty. By using unique and interesting colors, textures and materials, you can make your packaging creative and attractive so that it stand out and speaks for itself.

Product Awareness – Effective communication is important. A well-packaged product is not enough; it should have instructions in multiple languages and also carry details such as quantity, price, lot number, manufacturing and expiration dates, color, and ingredients, creating an awareness about the product that is being sold.

Protection- A well-packed cosmetic product, irrespective of whether it is lotion pump or a tube or air pump, should protect and preserve its contents from contamination. Customer is looking for products that can protect their skin and at the same time add beauty; hence, great care must be taken to protect the products during storage, transportation, and distribution. A good packaging can protect from the cosmetic from getting contaminated due to climatic effects, hazardous chemicals, infestation and so on.

Cosmetic packaging manufacturers are exploring other possibilities for reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible by adopting organic lifestyle in packaging. Companies today are making radical changes in cosmetic packaging and taking different approaches when it comes to adopting environmentally friendly products and focusing on eco-friendly options. The most preferred materials that are currently used for packaging organic cosmetics include glass, aluminum, paper, bamboo, and wood etc. These are recyclable, bio-degradable, and non-polluting.

These products will allow for consumers to recycle the bottles and containers upon full usage of the cosmetic product inside, to help alleviate the amount of cosmetic products being dumped in our landfills on an annual basis.
So you should be careful enough in choosing the right cosmetic packaging for your product depending on the usage as well as market trends.

If all enterprises involved with wholesale cosmetic packaging are careful enough in choosing the right cosmetic packaging for their product depending on usability and market trend, they can contribute to the greener planet. Thus, today cosmetic packaging is not just a container or box; it is more about effectiveness of brand and communication for successful merchandising.

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They like me, they really like me.

Someone once told me, “They don’t buy from you because of what your selling or how much it costs, they buy from you because they like you!”  To be honest, I think that actually came from a movie instead.  Regardless, it has some truth to it and as an account manager I can say I’ve experienced it.

In this line of work, people will buy from you if they trust you and like you.  People want their orders to be delivered smoothly, on time, and without quality problems as much as they want to save money.  By having a good relationship with your customers, they will also appreciate when you tell them the truth about the delays and what you’re doing to resolve the issues.  Therefore, although I can’t always give my customers everything they want, I’ve found that as long as they know I’m doing everything I can and working for their best interest, I can be successful at my job.

- Ben

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