On The Road Again

Being on the road and representing Arminak and Associates as a Sales Associates has been a fulfilling experience for me.  Like life, it has its up and downs, and it’s never a dull moment.  Connecting with the client and seeing them face to face, has really helped me understand what our customer is about, what their needs are, what their product is about, and how I may effectively help them.  Whether it is new product launches, or helping them out of a tight spot with a failing package – I GET IT… better than if I’m hearing them on the phone, or by email or text.

What’s even cooler is getting to know my purchasing agent and buyer and establishing that CONNECTION, which is so vital in maintaining our position in the industry. You get to know their kids, their dog, what their interests outside of work are, or how their vacation went, or “ how big the newborn is now,” measurements and everything… It feels great to feel included in their personal lives.  On the professional end,  it helps me polish up on my presentation skills, and go in with confidence that as a salesperson I really CARE about their product line, and I am here to show them what we, Arminak can do as company to help them meet their goals and desires in the marketplace.

Yeah, I get stuck in traffic and I drive all over the Earth sometimes, I entertain myself in the boredom of the traffic listening to music, singing at the top of lungs, watching road kill on the side of the road, or on the phone, but mostly paying attention to the road.  You know how traffic is in California, and goodness forbid if it rains! We are all stuck… There are others like me out there, peddling their goods – I’ve got my stash in a suitcase and plenty of bags.  A customer said to me once that I was an “instant showroom.” Yeah I am!  We got such cool stuff, we have to SHOW it!  Even if that means driving almost 90,000 miles in less than three years.

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