Sharing is Caring

I’ve always been under the impression that work is work and personal life was something completely different.

Outside of work, I live as a free spirit and mingling with colleague whom I see for half my day never came across my mind.

Who on earth wants to be hanging out with people which they work and deal with 8 hours a day? I rather be playing games. Right?

Well, this mentality came to a complete change when I was assigned to my current team. Being able to share my inner thoughts and express my mind freely without constraint makes me feel very appreciative and fortunate. Where can you find a team that can pour their hearts out and critique my flaws without holding back during a meeting and yet still be able to laugh and through chest punches as a welcoming form of greetings?

With this said, I now embrace the idea of “chilling” with colleagues and sharing my personal life stories with them. Sharing is caring?

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