The Modern Day Foamers

Foamers or foam bottles are very much in use in today’s world, both in the domestic as well as in the commercial sector. You can say that foam packaging is a high-end version of the conventional liquid dispenser packaging done using the latest technologies. The design and outlook is modified in order to suit the needs and appeal to the new age customers. Foamers or foam bottles are often used for hand-washing products in residences as well as hotels. It is especially used in winters to ward off viruses and bacteria generated ailments, for instance flu. At the same time, customers while looking out for a foam bottle would not only select the product depending on the utility but also the overall appearance, material used, color combination and whether it would be at par with their lifestyle standards.

Most consumers today are style and lifestyle conscious. They choose each domestic accessory right from the curtains to kitchen appliances with great precision. The same applies for foamers. Majority of then prefers an urban design, which would entail that the foamers are compactly built. Everyone today prefers sleek or small foamers than the huge ones that would not be difficult to accommodate and would not look out of place. Keeping this in mind, eminent companies in packaging solutions have introduced neatly designed and structured foam packaging bottles and pumps.

The modern day packaging solutions supplier offers foamer pumps that are specially designed with an over-cap feature that helps to prevent leakage of the fluid content, that might happen when not in use or during any shipment.  All the products and product variants are available at a competitive price range that suits the marketers’ cost chart.  

Domains catered by these packaging solution manufacturers and suppliers with their foamers include the following:-

  • Cosmetic packaging
  • Personal care packaging
  • Skin care packaging
  • Household & cleaning products packaging
  • Hair care packaging
  • Automotive packaging markets

Manufacturers of foamers take great care and precision in manufacturing and finally delivering them to the market.  Right from the initial stage of product conception to the final production, every packaging problem that a customer might face is given attention to. For instance, a foamer with a tight nozzle can lead to leakage or improper function on applying force. Another example would be the color of the foamer and the material used. This might prevent a user from the seeing how much liquid content is left if the color is dark and the material opaque. Therefore, consumer complaints and feedback is of ultimate importance to these companies, so that they are able to provide innovative foamer bottles that suit the customer requirement, choice and demand.

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