They like me, they really like me.

Someone once told me, “They don’t buy from you because of what your selling or how much it costs, they buy from you because they like you!”  To be honest, I think that actually came from a movie instead.  Regardless, it has some truth to it and as an account manager I can say I’ve experienced it.

In this line of work, people will buy from you if they trust you and like you.  People want their orders to be delivered smoothly, on time, and without quality problems as much as they want to save money.  By having a good relationship with your customers, they will also appreciate when you tell them the truth about the delays and what you’re doing to resolve the issues.  Therefore, although I can’t always give my customers everything they want, I’ve found that as long as they know I’m doing everything I can and working for their best interest, I can be successful at my job.

- Ben

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