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The number of products that the end consumers use in their day-to-day life is countless. And are so is the number of packaging solutions for those consumer products. Because, different products require different packaging solutions and methods. Besides, the nature, quality and volume of specific products demand specific packaging treatments. This is precisely why we, Arminak & Associates Inc, the California based high-end, innovative and affordable packaging solutions supplier, have come up with some really useful packaging solutions for catering to the various packaging needs of the marketers. These packaging solutions are pouch bag, soap strips, wipe container, refill bag, bleach pen, dropper suction and ice bag to name a few. We have always believed in providing the best quality at affordable price range to our customers. Our Research and Development department is one of the best in the industry and it helps us come up with nothing but the best of the quality and the most innovating of the designs. No wonder that our customers can edge their competitors out in the battle and emerge victorious by winning more number of consumers.

Though we have 15 different solutions in this product category, we are constantly endeavoring to invent more and more of these innovative packaging solutions and offer them to our customers at the best price. Please, visit the product gallery for more specification on these high-end packaging solutions.

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