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APS Series PP Round 0.2cc Airless Bottle

Airless technology is best known for its ability to block out oxygen and keep the integrity of the formula. The streamlined and sleek design makes this bottle the #1 choice for prestige and mass products alike. Fully customizable * Designed for precise dosage & smooth dispensing * High suction force technology * Allow complete emptying of products. * Available in a variety of designs and finishes * Ideal formulations that use natural ingredients

APS Series PP Round 0.2cc Airless Bottle

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Decoration Available:Silkscreen
Hot Stamp
Item Series:
Fill Capacity/Output:15ml, 0.2cc
Available Sizes:,7ml, 0.2cc,#650325
,15ml, 0.2cc,#650123
,30ml, 0.2cc,#650125
,45ml, 0.2cc,#650127
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